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Attention to transport the “last mile” * does not decrease. Crowded city streets are flooded with vehicles of different sizes. The situation in the major cities, the best vehicle turns into “golden cage” in which the owner is forced to spend precious time becomes almost the norm. There is only one solution: to sacrifice comfort and use of clean and environmentally friendly means of transport, less prestigious but effective in dense urban traffic. One of them is SSIKE electric scooter presented by the Spanish company Asen Innovacio.

Outside, the electric scooter SSIKE resembled more a toy than a serious means of transport. However, small size (28x78x110 cm) only offers advantages scooter. It fits easily into a car trunk and limited weight 12 kg, it even lets you carry in your backpack. For convenience, the scooter is collapsible steering wheel, while the overall height is reduced to 78 cm and length – up to 65 cm.

MOVEO – a folding electric scooter
The first impression from SSIKE is misleading. After childish size hides a frisky urban horse, rider able to live without fatigue on sidewalks, markets and roadside roadway. The horse will not get tired quickly, it can travel on a single charge of the battery up to 40 km, accelerating to a speed of 20 km / hour.

Power scooter consists of a brushless electric motor of 250 W with high torque and a lithium 40-volt capacity for 6 ampere-hour. Battery life depends on the intensity of use, the battery lasts up to 2,000 charge cycles. The braking system helps save energy account regenerative abilities.

Low center of gravity to SSIKE involves a high maneuverability. Control the direction of movement is carried out by small rear wheel. Asen Innovacio manufacturer claims that all the “inconvenience” associated with this method confuses just beginning to adapt and feel comfortable on the scooter, any pilot needs a quarter of an hour.

However, “the rider” should be careful. Ultra-short wheelbase can become dangerous if it will brake too suddenly if you go over the curb. It is therefore recommended that you use only occasionally speed.

Electric scooter is available in Europe for 1,590 euros. SSIKE can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website. Asen Innovacio Company believes that price low enough. Meanwhile, the scooter is assembled by hand, as mentioned on the site. Maybe if production will expand, this will affect the price.


The literature in English carriage cyclist is determined by the term “transport of first ┬álast mile, which means the bicycle to travel from home / work to Monorail Station and vice verso – trad.

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