Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird’s Creator could relaunch the game.

Creator game Flappy Bird announced on his Twitter account that the title will return to the App Store, but not anytime soon. Perhaps Vietnamese Dong Nguyen expect a good time and may need some time to make adjustments jocului.La Earlier this year, mobile game Flappy Bird Deva star in stores applications without having had any paid promotion campaign. It all started from a curse against him on Twitter and it was destroyed phones frustration. Its creator, Vietnamese Dong Nguyen did not expect this success and in addition to money earned, was forced to confront a wave of hatred from players and their families or relatives. Interviewed recently by Rolling Stone magazine, he said that it is considering a possible revival of the difficult and frustrantului joc.Fenomenul Flappy Bird took many by surprise. It was not expected that a game so difficult to get so popular. The point of greatest popularity, its creator had to earn $ 50,000 a day from advertising displayed in the application, while the game was free. Although the game is no longer available in stores applications, it generates revenue for Nguyen because they are serious enough that he plays. Vietnamese is working on three new games. He sold the rights to Flappy Bird, despite the many tempting offers and may surprise fans with a relaunch. If he does, will include a warning to the players. They will be advised to take a break from time to time to reduce the accumulated frustration. 

Titanfall – multiplayer FPS in which you trample enemies

Do you remember the Unreal Tournament 2004? Yes, I know, it’s been 10 years, but the game remained a reference when talking about FPS multiplayer. Well, Titanfall reminds us Onslaught mode. The game launched this year seems to be a mix between Call of Duty and how UT 2004 mentioned. Optimized for fight vs. 6 6, it allows controlling robots pretty impressive. They are however not invincible, but can be removed by a skilled group of players. And when two titans meet, the action becomes even more interesting.

The video game industry also has its soap operas, some tragic, others with a happy ending. Of this latter category belongs Respawn Entertainment, the studio formed by former members of Infinity Ward. They chose to leave the “family” Activision after a conflict on financial issues with publisher giant. Once freed from the “yoke of corporate”, they started work on what today is called Titanfall.



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