Google Glass

Progress and technology go hand in hand toward a future that promises increasingly brighter, easier and more accessible to human being, scientists managed to offer us solutions that enables us instant access to information in real time and highly uti for us humans. Technological evolution of mean huge leaps taken by mankind, that in a relatively short time has passed since the discovery of electricity plaques embedded in processors working speed very low and needed entire rooms to conduct their part hardware nanometer microprocessors that run applications giant intergalactic speeds.

The new Google Glass "Thin" prescription frames in "tangerine" color rests on a table at the Google Glass Basecamp space at Chelsea Market, Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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The new Google Glass “Thin” prescription frames in “tangerine” color rests on a table at the Google Glass Basecamp space at Chelsea Market, Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

New technologies that have revolutionized the world and have changed the outlook in many ways, such as glasses Google Glass have appeared on the market since previous years, but as technology advances, they benefit from broadening the spectrum of action being adaptable several areas. Figures, information, statistics, data and more “parade” smart screens, equipped with various functionalities, while the person is moving, thus projecting an image seemingly of the science fanstaticului. The new software solutions offered by companies developing the field delight everyone by revolutionary methods that are created and who manage to represent with each passing day, the best solution for the modern man.
Google Glass-technology Reservoir- anywhere, anytime, no matter how
The most prominent representatives of “wearable Technology” Google glasses are defined as an integrated system, a high scientific level that provides the wearer instant access to information directly accessible to the retina. The advantages are that bears both the technological and informative, but also the physical nature (they help protect much better vision and increase visual acuity).

This smart device is equipped with a dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and storage space which has a capacity of 16 Gb, projecting an image of 25 inches, has an HD camera and is controlled by voice commands. Storing files is done in Google Cloud and interacting with others can be achieved by related services from Google, Google Hangouts and Google +, and also being provided with the opportunity uploadarii photos (done in real time with them). These glasses can be customized according to user’s desire, wide lens. The image moves according to the angle of the user’s head and are waterproof. We must not forget endowments location, like GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer and various light sensors.

The technology that has revolutionized software for online casinos industruia
One of the areas that have enjoyed the perpetual development of technology is represented by online casinos. From intelligent software that manage to maximize the connection to the players and to programs that monitor information and statistics in this area, giving players the opportunity to be kept informed about any update that occurs in connection with your favorite game.

Such updates are available in many of the online casinos, Pokerstars is one of those casinos that offer insight, extend to the rules of the games, helping and frequently players understand the game more quickly than is usually the case, especially if players beginners. There are also software programs that help assess and reward loyalty to a player based on certain attributes exercised by him during games.

Being an area where the customer comes first, online casinos are among the first beneficiaries of technology development, so they always offer customers the latest data about software appeared on the market. Regarding land based casinos, they enchant players with its high-tech screens and the latest technology, equipped with touch-screen tehnlogie that are a true delight for any player due rapidity of execution of orders and high reliability.

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