Lara Fabian alias La Diva

Lara Fabian alias La Diva In his 28-year career, Lara Fabian has sold over 20 million records worldwide, becoming the highest ranked Belgian singer. She was gratulated by French music critics with the appellation “La Diva”.

Daughter of an Italian and a Belgian – Katy Crokaert Lara Sophie was born in Etterbeek, near Brussels, on January 9, 1970. The love for music has inherited from her father, who was a guitarist. She began to sing, dance and play the piano at an early age. She chose music as a career and started studying it seriously. Since teenager has won several competitions, standing out through her crystalline and very strong voice. At age 20, she moved to Canada where she started his career seriously.

Her debut album, titled just “Lara Fabian” (1991), won platinum in less than two weeks after launch. Compared often with Céline Dion, the Belgian artist quickly became a known name in the music world. Her lyric soprano voice, combined with the inclination to sing in several languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Greek, Turkish and even Hebrew) brought him a lot of admirers. As proof are the numerous awards, including nine platinum discs and two awards “World Music”. Lara has persistently followed his career and managed to impose and maintain on the charts for more than 16 years until the birth of her daughter, Lou, 2007. The child born from the the love story of the artist with producer and composer Gérard Pullicino became her main priority, especially since marriage began to creak. “My daughter is more important to me than the music. I remember, before a concert that I held at Prague, I received a call from her. She wanted to hear my voice and telling me what she did during the day. Several thousand people cheered me and waiting to go on stage, but I’ve left them to wait until I finished my conversation with Lou. I did not put any seconds the problem to close faster the phone to come out, to sing and to be adored ” the singer confessed in an interview.

Even if to be a mother has become her main concern, she could not give of everything at her first love, music. She passed it in the background, giving a little more attention to her personal life than that experienced in the spotlights.

The marriage with Gérard ended in 2012, but, shortly, Lara has found consolation in the arms of the Italian magician, Gabriel di Giorgio, with whom was married last summer. Lara has been involved in a project in 2010, which resulted in a special album entitled “Mademoiselle Zhivago”. Consisting of 11 songs belonging to Russian composer Igor Krutoy the disc was conceived as a film project, each song has its own video, directed by the Ukrainian producer Alan Badoev. Together, the 11 videos make up a real film, a story of a woman who reincarnates, living experiences and different lives in different centuries.

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