Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was a Serbian inventor known – American physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical. He is best known for his work and his many revolutionary contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism in sfârştul 19th century and early 20th century Much of his inventions are very popular in modern civilization wherever electricity is used. In addition to his discoveries about electromagnetism and engineering, Tesla is considered a pioneer in the fields of robotics, ballistics, computer science, nuclear physics and theoretical physics. Tesla consider researching various questions raised by science as the most noble way to improve the human condition by using the principles of scientific and industrial progress and one that is compatible with nature.
But many of his inventions could change the fate of humanity in the sense of our liberation of monopoly power companies. This could not be accepted by those who hold power in this world and I think that was the main reason for denigrating his name.
Some are still struggling to implement his inventions …

In an article taken from the MISA yogis Blog writes:
“Tesla reloaded – Electricity airborne

We could get rid of the cables and batteries
Energy transmission through the air, possible

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced that it can transmit electricity without wires, they demonstrating this by lighting a bulb that was not connected to anything. WiTricity, ie electricity wirelessly to go yet walking distance of several feet, but probably will expand coverage.
Efficient energy transmission by air is one of the dreams of mankind: we would not need to connect cables to keep electronic equipment. and we would not need batteries.

A breakthrough in this direction has already been made by a group of researchers at MIT, who were able to supply wireless, air, a 60W bulb, from a few feet away, and that with an efficiency of 40% . Marin Soljacic is the one who invented the system. “We wanted a system that my phone battery was no longer download time”, he told. Details about the project were published by the US magazine Science, but widely adapted in Romanian language was added to the – a site where a group active in science comment in Romanian latest findings from worldwide. In essence, the solution is based on electromagnetic resonance energy transmission and consists of a coil to another via magnetic induction.


In fact, the construction of two coils underlies all transformers that transmit electricity from one circuit to another circuit. But researchers put a 60W bulb in series with the second coil resonance energy supply to the first coil resonance energy received by air due to the laws of magnetic induction. It must be said that this method of transmission has been tried and Tesla in 1920 to transmit energy to another circuit. He failed in his experiments but transmit energy over long distances. This shortcoming seems to have solved one problem and the system is that for now, the energy is dissipated in space, which means that a lot is lost simply. In other words, the system is very economical.

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