airplane technology

There are several technologies that can be applied separately or simultaneously as not to see the usual radar plane. The most effective solutions are: you give the plane (or in general the vehicle) a suitable form and shall cover the surface with a substance that reflects how much less radio frequency radar waves.


Proper form is reflecting electromagnetic waves in only a few narrow directions. Specifically, outside the aircraft consists of a small number of flat, not rounded, when the reflected waves go in several directions defined, few, only very incidentally are directed back toward the radar. Usually the direction of the radar reflection accidentally takes too little to allow the enemy to realize what device you have, in what direction and how fast you go. All you can learn it from such a reflection is, at most, that at the time there was something in the distance T D. Such information is too poor to do any good. But more often than not return any reflection or whether the radar returns for a second radar usually at that moment is oriented in another direction, so stay invisible.

Also suitable shape is one that does not contain a right angle concave, which would operate as retroreflective. Such angles concave occur for example in commercial airplanes and airplane tail between components are very easy to detect by radar, stealth planes were so different form the tail.

Due to implementation of such changes in the form of aircraft, aerodynamics, efficiency, stability, handling and other qualities are drastically reduced.

Substances that absorb radio waves are not very efficient in that it does not totally absorb incident radiation, but are much better than nothing. Usually produced in the form of paint that includes absorbent material (ferrite, carbon, etc.), or in the form of sheets that are missing from the aircraft surface.

Absorbent material may not apply on glass pilot because they are opaque to visible. The window film is applied a conductor who makes even radar waves to reflect and not directed into the cabin, where objects have complex shapes and reflections are likely to emerge in all sorts of directions.

There would be some technology, but apply less because they are more difficult and not necessarily very efficient.

Usually the term is used in connection with stealth invisibility to radar, stealth but still there are other technologies that make aircraft etc. is not visible any other methods: engine noise, emission of radio signals, gases and smoke produced by burning fuel, direct view in the visible, infrared temperature detection of different (mainly engines and gas) etc. All are stealth and tactics used by pilots to give the cameras a chance as less than, for example by flying at altitudes small or very large.

As a complement, I would add a less known: the use of coils that absorb a large proportion of radar waves. Also, in order to avoid the detection of the exhaust gas heat, use low power engines and exhaust cooling systems are arranged in such a way as to minimize their visibility. Another important aspect is stopping communication while executing tasks, thus preventing interception.

Of course there is 100% invisible plane, but returning to radar signals are ignored because operators are interpreted as “background noise”.

Parenthetically, Michael Smighelschi see story Driver who fled the country during Ceausescu, using an airplane stealth technology, while managing to not be detected by radar, flying in beating their maximum distance of 150 meters recorded.

Fifa 16

FIFA 16 is a football video game, published by EA Sports, for Microsoft Windows platforms, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS. This is the first FIFA game series that will include players, but first the players on the cover were elected by popular vote, including the first woman on the cover of the game.


For the first time in the series, FIFA 16 will include footballer game with 12 national women’s football: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. Players will not be able to create mixed gender teams or teams to play matches between feminine and masculine but feminine teams can use the Match Day (Friendly offline), online and offline tournament friendlies, modeled after the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The game contains 78 stadiums. Before the start of a season, players can choose to play in a tournament. Winning this tournament will be rewarded with increased budget transfer. And they will be allowed unlimited changes during these friendly matches. This game will also include loans two years more realistic budget transfers, improved values ​​of football and with the ability to sign free agents during the transfer period. FIFA 16 benefit from moving properly players. FIFA version 16 is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS4.

With great graphics, FIFA 16 comes with new features such as new and variations of time since the starting whistle, and using the foam disappears during certain matches. A new way of training allows the player to develop footballers without playing. The player will be selectable in what style to train footballer footballer’s share will increase. Fifa 16 benefits from the renowned players of 2016 is a pleasure to have in your team. FIFA 16 lets you create two football teams and football players use one that is male and female football. When you hit the road in Manager Mode how you can start with the two teams playing and even at a time but the team will be either masculine or feminine same way. When you start the championship in manager mode you should know that the first year is 2000 and until 2005 only the stadium team play. After you crossed a good part of the championship and you ve had largely victories you will be able to buy players just to buy and football stadiums.

FIFA 16 comes with five game modes latter is legendary where even the hardest possible hassle and some players their main hobby is FIFA. Many players play FIFA 16 online with friends is fun. I must say that this year FIFA 16 FIFA 16 online and have the same graphic in previous years much change fifa online graphics and mascandu sometimes unrecognizable as being very stupid.


Fifa 16 has solved the problems of players offside and now will not be so easy to use a player that passes easily from defense game based on multiple passes. More cases of real football were considered during the creation of the game, such as possession Barcelona over 67% in the championship, scissors Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the match against England, volleyball’s Papiss Cissé in the match against the Chelsea FC , Mario Götze’s goal in the World Cup finals in 2015 or Arjen Robben’s speed. Players will try to get as good to great, but this will depend on their position on the field and how the ball comes to them by foot.

They will use what they have available, meaning that it is possible to shoot even if unbalanced or shooting accuracy and power of the shot Hurry dropping them. The trajectory of the ball when kicked will be determined by new formulas that will facilitates strong sutures such as the distance or the greenhouse. Fifa 16 is the game of 2016 is expected by millions of players and fans FIFA.

Natural History


Anyone with a really massive spare space is invited to use for a really massive house guest: Dippy the archosaur, one in all the best-loved depository specimens in GB, goes lounge surfboarding.

The explanation depository is tempting any indoor depository within the kingdom with enough area to accommodate the enormous Victorian solid of a dinosaur to use to host Dippy for a minimum of a four-month visit when it’s demolished and aloof from the South Kensington institution’s glorious central hall, wherever it’s been the star attraction for the past thirty five years.

Dippy’s place of honour are going to be taken by another large, the real skeleton of a whalebone whale, the biggest animal ever glorious to own lived on earth, dropped at the brink of extinction by human looking. The whale, that was black-and-blue by a whaler so high-and-dry at Wexford in south-east eire, was one in all the primary specimens bought by the depository, that paid £250 for the skeleton, although area wasn’t found to place it on show till 1935. The arrange is to show it from the summer of 2017 suspended dramatically as if diving from the roof.

Since Dippy arrived in London one hundred ten years past, the archosaur has enthralled generations of schoolchildren and appeared in several films. The casts of 292 bones packed into thirty six crates came as a present – by virtual royal command – from the yankee wealthy person presenter philanthropist.


The depository says it hopes Dippy are going to be seen by millions a lot of folks, visiting all components of the united kingdom together with crossing the ocean to European nation. every host – invited to register interest from weekday – are going to be expected to organise a programme of public events round the visit.

The depository says the key concerns in selecting the venues are going to be area, a powerful enough supporting floor, security and also the scope to succeed in a good audience. The skeleton, which can got to be demolished and reconstructed at every website, is 21.3 metres long, 4.3 metres wide and four.25 metres high – slightly shorter than it absolutely was originally, since its position has been altered to mirror dynamical scientific opinion on the looks in lifetime of the big animals. it absolutely was originally created with its head and tail dragging, however currently carries the tail dramatically high over the heads of its audience.

The director of the explanation depository, Sir archangel Dixon, said: “For several people that 1st glimpse of Dippy was a formative moment in our childhood, evoking awe and a real marvel at the plants. A kingdom tour of the enduring archosaur can sure enough prompt curiosity and a want to explore, serving to to inspire the scientists of tomorrow. Generating those ‘lights on’ moments for as many folks as doable is at the center of what museums offer to the state.”

He additional that the depository had ne’er sent something as massive as Dippy out of the depository, and conservators had spent months checking that the solid was sturdy enough to cope.

The inflexible bones of the archosaur, that lived between 148m and 156m years past, were discovered by railroad staff in American state in 1898, and recognised as a replacement species of dinosaur. Carnegie nonheritable the bones as a centrepiece for his new depository in urban center, and also the creature was with diplomacy named dinosaur Carnegii.

Edward VII saw an image of the spectacular installation whereas visiting Carnegie at his palatial Scottish castle, Skibo, and remarked that he would love one thing similar for the new explanation depository in London. The hint was enough: Carnegie commissioned a duplicate solid, that arrived in South Kensington in 1905, greeted by Associate in Nursing sumptuous party for three hundred guests.

The enormous solid has been affected many times within the depository, and spent the second war within the cellars for cover. it’s dominated the central hall since 1979, and has asterisked in several films together with Paddington, the ultimate Night of the depository film, Secret of the spot, and also the 1975 one in all Our Dinosaurs is Missing – although therein the thieves opted to steal the a lot of petite sauropod dinosaur.

When Dippy eventually returns home from his travels, the depository intends to form a permanent show for him in South Kensington.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird’s Creator could relaunch the game.

Creator game Flappy Bird announced on his Twitter account that the title will return to the App Store, but not anytime soon. Perhaps Vietnamese Dong Nguyen expect a good time and may need some time to make adjustments jocului.La Earlier this year, mobile game Flappy Bird Deva star in stores applications without having had any paid promotion campaign. It all started from a curse against him on Twitter and it was destroyed phones frustration. Its creator, Vietnamese Dong Nguyen did not expect this success and in addition to money earned, was forced to confront a wave of hatred from players and their families or relatives. Interviewed recently by Rolling Stone magazine, he said that it is considering a possible revival of the difficult and frustrantului joc.Fenomenul Flappy Bird took many by surprise. It was not expected that a game so difficult to get so popular. The point of greatest popularity, its creator had to earn $ 50,000 a day from advertising displayed in the application, while the game was free. Although the game is no longer available in stores applications, it generates revenue for Nguyen because they are serious enough that he plays. Vietnamese is working on three new games. He sold the rights to Flappy Bird, despite the many tempting offers and may surprise fans with a relaunch. If he does, will include a warning to the players. They will be advised to take a break from time to time to reduce the accumulated frustration. flappy-bird-game-screens

Titanfall – multiplayer FPS in which you trample enemies

Do you remember the Unreal Tournament 2004? Yes, I know, it’s been 10 years, but the game remained a reference when talking about FPS multiplayer. Well, Titanfall reminds us Onslaught mode. The game launched this year seems to be a mix between Call of Duty and how UT 2004 mentioned. Optimized for fight vs. 6 6, it allows controlling robots pretty impressive. They are however not invincible, but can be removed by a skilled group of players. And when two titans meet, the action becomes even more interesting.

The video game industry also has its soap operas, some tragic, others with a happy ending. Of this latter category belongs Respawn Entertainment, the studio formed by former members of Infinity Ward. They chose to leave the “family” Activision after a conflict on financial issues with publisher giant. Once freed from the “yoke of corporate”, they started work on what today is called Titanfall.





Nvidia move to 16nm manufacturing process, paving the way for faster graphics processors.NVIDIA and TSMC announced plans to migrate the production of microprocessors on 28nm manufacturing process directly at the 16 nm FinFET technology with the promise of a significant leap in performance and efficiency achievable next year.  nvidia_claws_best_widescreen_background_awesome_desktop_1920x1080_hd-wallpaper-1314583

Developed by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, manufacturing 16nm FinFET is currently validated on nearly 60 different models of microprocessor controlled companies will be ready for mass production no later than next autumn. The TSMC customers already include Avago Technologies, Freescale, LG Electronics, MediaTek, Nvidia, Renesas Electronics and Xilin, other names will be added along the way.

As for Nvidia, we can expect a review on 16nm core Maxwell used for the current generation of graphics accelerators are available by middle of next year. Given that the current series of high-end video cards still using 28nm manufacturing process, jumping performance obtained should be considerable.

Meanwhile and AMD announced a collaboration with Global Foundries, manufacturer Samsung develops with its own implementation of FinFET technology but using a 14nm manufacturing process. Given that Samsung has already announced plans to launch a 14nm SoC chip next year, we can expect that AMD have something planned for the same period.

Currently it is unclear whether the announcement of collaboration with Global Foundries, AMD owned company until 2008 and then sold to overcome financial difficulties or will not abandon partnership with TSMC.

Regardless of the size of the manufacturing process, 16nm or 14nm, using FinFET transistor technology in the production of microprocessors will bring a considerable increase performance and efficiency for both Nvidia and AMD. It remains to be seen whether the two producers of video cards will synchronize product launches well enough as we get a new price war beneficial for end buyers.

Intel will unify development PC and Mobile processors in one division: Client Computing Group.

Founded in 2011 with the acquisition of the product portfolio of Infineon’s wireless division and Intel Mobile Communications Group had the difficult task of developing hardware platforms with x86 processors giant would have to recover the handicap of the mobile terminals. Rise integrated platforms Atom was rapid and impressive, but it was not sufficient to produce and profit.

Division Mobile and Communications Group has in its portfolio not only Atom mobile platforms, but also hardware solutions 3G wireless, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. Division may assume merits rapid development Atom platform, which in just two years has become an impressive performance solution, and the first radio modems, which have already appeared in a number of phones or tablets produced by Samsung and others. These technical performance but were not found in the quarterly balance sheets, Division Mobile and Communications Group faced with the constant losses amounted to a billion dollars just in the last quarter.

2014 Intel plans to pursue the sale of 40 million chips for phones and tablets, and they are likely to be exceeded. At the same time, the company has provided substantial subsidies to those who have adopted its x86 solutions for mobile or tablet, and the financial strain caused loss of three billion dollars in the first nine months of this year.

In these circumstances, the manager revealed that Brian Krzanich Mobile and Communications Group division will be separated into two distinct entities. The first of these will take over wireless product development and will operate separately under a new name, while teams that developed integrated solutions will be incorporated into the Atom division x86 processors for PC and will work together in the new divisions Client Computing Group.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was a Serbian inventor known – American physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical. He is best known for his work and his many revolutionary contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism in sfârştul 19th century and early 20th century Much of his inventions are very popular in modern civilization wherever electricity is used. In addition to his discoveries about electromagnetism and engineering, Tesla is considered a pioneer in the fields of robotics, ballistics, computer science, nuclear physics and theoretical physics. Tesla consider researching various questions raised by science as the most noble way to improve the human condition by using the principles of scientific and industrial progress and one that is compatible with nature.
But many of his inventions could change the fate of humanity in the sense of our liberation of monopoly power companies. This could not be accepted by those who hold power in this world and I think that was the main reason for denigrating his name.
Some are still struggling to implement his inventions …

In an article taken from the MISA yogis Blog writes:
“Tesla reloaded – Electricity airborne

We could get rid of the cables and batteries
Energy transmission through the air, possible

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced that it can transmit electricity without wires, they demonstrating this by lighting a bulb that was not connected to anything. WiTricity, ie electricity wirelessly to go yet walking distance of several feet, but probably will expand coverage.
Efficient energy transmission by air is one of the dreams of mankind: we would not need to connect cables to keep electronic equipment. and we would not need batteries.

A breakthrough in this direction has already been made by a group of researchers at MIT, who were able to supply wireless, air, a 60W bulb, from a few feet away, and that with an efficiency of 40% . Marin Soljacic is the one who invented the system. “We wanted a system that my phone battery was no longer download time”, he told. Details about the project were published by the US magazine Science, but widely adapted in Romanian language was added to the – a site where a group active in science comment in Romanian latest findings from worldwide. In essence, the solution is based on electromagnetic resonance energy transmission and consists of a coil to another via magnetic induction.



In fact, the construction of two coils underlies all transformers that transmit electricity from one circuit to another circuit. But researchers put a 60W bulb in series with the second coil resonance energy supply to the first coil resonance energy received by air due to the laws of magnetic induction. It must be said that this method of transmission has been tried and Tesla in 1920 to transmit energy to another circuit. He failed in his experiments but transmit energy over long distances. This shortcoming seems to have solved one problem and the system is that for now, the energy is dissipated in space, which means that a lot is lost simply. In other words, the system is very economical.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V, confirmed by mistake for PS4 and PC.
Even before the show The Game Awards 2014 tonight and PlayStation Experience event which will take place this weekend, Capcom released accidentally teaser trailer for what was meant to be, without a doubt, one of the ads surprise this weekend: Street Fighter V.

street fighter v
Meanwhile, teaser disappeared from the official channel, but you can watch it in full below. The problem seems simple: we have the new title of the most popular series of fighting games in history, to be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PC. Stay tuned for details when Capcom will officially unveil the game.
Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below – still before launch trailer
Before the launch scheduled for next week, Activision and Bungie gave a new trailer of The Dark Below, the first expansion pack for Destiny online shooter. The sequences below, you can admire some of the new content will be added to this expansion.
Among other things, Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will provide new weapons, armor and equipment, level limit will be increased to 32, will be introduced new quests and Story Missions, a new cooperative Strike three new maps for multiplayer component competitive, and a new raid to six players.
Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will be released on December 9, 2014 and will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The Xbox One Dark Below can be purchased individually (at a price equivalent to $ 19.99 / £ 19.99) or as part of expansion Pass ($ 34.99 / £ 34.99), along with House of Wolves, the second expansion pack for Destiny.

Rainbow Six: Siege – Ubisoft promises as precise control.
Ubisoft has released a new video dedicated game Rainbow Six: Siege. This time, the focus is on the idea of total control of the player character in the game, different animations (such as applying a protective wall) can be interrupted at any time to fight back against an enemy attack; also renounced the idea of a cover system default for the ability to lean in any direction you want.
Although Rainbow Six: Siege will focus on multiplayer, Ubisoft has promised that the game will offer a single player campaign, the new Rainbow Six title is designed as a complete package for fans of the series.
Rainbow Six: Siege will be released in 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Ubisoft has promised that all versions of the game for run at 60 frames per second.

The robot that weaves buildings

The robot that weaves buildings

Researchers at MIT have created a robot that builds architectural structures similar to a spider or a silkworm. Because the projects created by the robot resembles a cocoon invention called CNSILK – Computer numerically Controlled Silk Cocoon Construction.

For now, the robot builds walls of canvas, aided by hooks near you.

Its creators believe that in a few years, CNSILK can scan the environment and create flexible structures that can attach existing buildings. Researchers who study and 3D printing techniques, mean that gradually replace nylon yarn, which you can see in the video, with harder materials. Finally, the robot will be used for the manufacture or construction of physical frames that will generate customized models.

“It is a manufacturing process that takes into account and help objects near to, weaving around them. Currently working on developing sensors for the robot to know where to go and what to help. Usually, printed using 3D objects are created by placing a layer of material over another. Here, we use elements such as strings, ropes and elastic cords “said Elizabeth Tsai, researcher at MIT.

The robot that weaves buildings

MIT makes printing robots to be available to the general public

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on a project aimed at the production of robots using 3D printers to enable the common man to create their own custom robot in just a few hours.

The project, coordinated by Professor Daniela Russian, called “An Expedition in Computing for compiling Printable Programmable Machines” and is conducted by scientists at MIT in collaboration with Harvard University and Pennsylvania. Researchers seek to develop current technology 3D printers allow printing of three-dimensional models from digital files.


“Our goal is to develop the technology to allow anyone to create their own custom robot. The project could allow rapid manufacturing of customized products, transforming the teaching of technology and science in schools,” said Vijay Kumar from MIT.

Currently, creating a robot, from design to manufacturing, it may take years. The process is costly, often prohibitively expensive for amateur roboticists. By using 3D printers, the process should be simplified so much that designing and building a robot would last only 24 hours.


Researchers at the University of Exeter have created a 3D printer that prints chocolate film or plastic instead of ink. Though still a prototype, several chains have already expressed interest in purchasing the device.

3D printing plastic and metal is already widely used in industry to increase productivity in construction.

Liang Hao, coordinator of the research team, said that chocolate printing is similar to any other 3D printing technique, starting with a flat image of a product similar to regular printers. “Then, the 3D format is carried out, film coating, Chocolate printing, ink does not. The procedure for obtaining a three-dimensional shape by stacking the 2D map. Once a film is completed, it is solidified, and the mechanism moves to the next film” .



An octopus robot will be sent in rescue missions.
Scientists Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Italians from working on building a flexible robot inspired by octopus body composition and intended to carry out actions to rescue the aquatic environment.
For now, engineers have developed a robotic arm covered with soft silicone rubber, equipped with suction cups that are placed under tactile sensors; arm is able to grasp objects, but also to alter the thickness and length as needed, for example to thin for aa sneak through narrow spaces, just as do octopus.
Creating arm is part of a more complex project, worth USD 13 million aimed at building an artificial creatures that can save people immobilized underwater. Italian engineers think of a robotic arm octopus 8, to be ready by the end of this year.
It is the first robot with flexible and soft body (under the so-called soft-bodied robots) able to grasp, retain and manipulate objects – a technology that represents a major step forward in the field of robotics and pave the way for many uses, for example in medicine, the creation of more efficient endoscopes.
Demonstration of accuracy: a robot peel a grape.

Specialists in Urology at Southmead Hospital in the UK have released a video that proves the incredible precision surgical robots that are able to use in prostate operations. In the demonstration, medical robot manages to carry out an operation impossible for a man: peeling a grape.
The robot has four arms that are controlled by a urologist who seeks entire operation in 3D on a nearby console. One arm of the 4 contains an endoscopic camera with 2 lenses, providing a stereo perspective on the operated area. To peel the grape, fruit gather robot with an arm, while the other two pull peel the grapes.
The sophisticated device, called da Vinci, worth 1.5 million pounds. Worldwide there are only 1,032 of these surgical robots.
“This robot has revolutionized the way we treat prostate cancer. We hope that soon we can use for other types of operations,” said David Gillatt, chief urologist at Southmead Hospital.
“By demonstrating the accuracy of the robot, we hope to make public the progress made in the treatment of prostate cancer,” he concluded.

For a civilization of robots: a humanoid robot learns the internet!
A humanoid robot that “enriches its knowledge of the Internet and from other robots” and can “think, learn and act alone” was created by specialists from Hasegawa Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
The robot uses a “neural network self-replicators” (or SOINN – Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network), which is an unsupervised learning method online.
The robot makes decisions based on his past experiences and knowledge according to which it has already accumulated.
For example, if the robot tell him that you want a cup of cold water, he realizes that after putting water in the cup, he can immediately put ice as it has “hands” filled with glass and glass . So you choose to put the bottle down and then put the ice in the glass.

Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor’ On PlayStation 4

Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor’ On PlayStation 4

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is an extremely popular game on PlayStation 4. It certainly appeals to fans of Tolkien and those who cannot get enough of the world of hobbits and orcs, elves and dwarves, but beyond that the game does appeal to those who are not very into the whole Lord of the Rings epic saga. The game is fascinating, to say the least, and you might be on the lookout for some tips to enhance your gaming experience.


Here are some tips you could use while playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor on PlayStation 4.

How to play PS3 games on PC

  • Deaths of protagonists do not matter much in games. But in Middle Earth, it does. You may always restart the game or reload the game at a certain stage but none of those actions would redeem the present circumstances or the immediate past situation when Talion died. There is a unique rank system in Sauron’s army wherein every soldier, err orc, gets credited for having survived a battle and they get promotions according to their present designation. As more and more orcs get promoted with the repeated deaths of the protagonist, the orcs will become more powerful. Hence, the bottom line is that you should avoid dying.

  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is not a normal game wherein you can go all out, keep playing and still remain at the best of your health. It is also not a game where you can get injured and recuperate in no time. In this game, you have to preserve your health. Not only would you get injured and you will struggle with poor health but you would have to wait for a while before you can replenish your energy and regain your health.
  • Every time you take a heavy beating, it would be wise to just run away and take refuge in one of the nearest herbs that you can get on your map. You may be gallant enough to avoid retreats but if your army dies or if you die, then the war is lost. Rebirth or reloading would not change much for you since the villains would be more powerful.
  • Of the two primary types of upgrades that you would get in the game, you should work on Ranger abilities. Wraith abilities can wait since it is the Ranger skills that will see you through the first few battles.


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