Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor’ On PlayStation 4

Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor’ On PlayStation 4

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is an extremely popular game on PlayStation 4. It certainly appeals to fans of Tolkien and those who cannot get enough of the world of hobbits and orcs, elves and dwarves, but beyond that the game does appeal to those who are not very into the whole Lord of the Rings epic saga. The game is fascinating, to say the least, and you might be on the lookout for some tips to enhance your gaming experience.

Here are some tips you could use while playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor on PlayStation 4.

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  • Deaths of protagonists do not matter much in games. But in Middle Earth, it does. You may always restart the game or reload the game at a certain stage but none of those actions would redeem the present circumstances or the immediate past situation when Talion died. There is a unique rank system in Sauron’s army wherein every soldier, err orc, gets credited for having survived a battle and they get promotions according to their present designation. As more and more orcs get promoted with the repeated deaths of the protagonist, the orcs will become more powerful. Hence, the bottom line is that you should avoid dying.

  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is not a normal game wherein you can go all out, keep playing and still remain at the best of your health. It is also not a game where you can get injured and recuperate in no time. In this game, you have to preserve your health. Not only would you get injured and you will struggle with poor health but you would have to wait for a while before you can replenish your energy and regain your health.
  • Every time you take a heavy beating, it would be wise to just run away and take refuge in one of the nearest herbs that you can get on your map. You may be gallant enough to avoid retreats but if your army dies or if you die, then the war is lost. Rebirth or reloading would not change much for you since the villains would be more powerful.
  • Of the two primary types of upgrades that you would get in the game, you should work on Ranger abilities. Wraith abilities can wait since it is the Ranger skills that will see you through the first few battles.


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